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Are your data centers located in France, Europe or French-speaking Africa?

Operators, hosting companies, design offices, installers, private customers... would you like to carry out dynamic testing of a computer room? TOVO-TEST can help!


Our load banks have been designed from the outset to represent the operation of computer servers. This guarantees reliable results thanks to a very low temperature delta (down to 9°C), so you can carry out all your tests and measurements efficiently. This particular product feature positions us as a specialist in level 4 & 5 commissioning for data centers and IT rooms.


Whether large-scale projects or specific requirements, we can meet your needs for data center commissioning in France, Europe and Africa.

Our complete range of solutions

We have a wide selection of load banks and solutions to meet your needs.

for all your data hall commissioning needs.

Our range includes :

48VDC load banks

48VDC load banks _ 5KW Dual Channel Electric

with a temperature delta of +/- 13°C, ideal for Edge Datacenters.

230VAC load banks

230VAC _ 3.5KW Dual-Channel Electric Loadbanks

with a temperature delta of up to 9°C, perfect for computer room extensions or for private customers who already have racks and PDUs installed

Racks pre-equipped with 3.5KW load banks

Racks pre-equipped with 3.5KW or 10.5KW load banks

with a temperature delta of 16°C, with the option of 1 or 2 FEEDS (A and B), local or remote management, and totally modular, allowing up to 42KW (or even more) per rack. Truly the best solution for commissioning Hyperscale Datacenters (DCH) to best represent high-density, high-rise server racks.

15KW ground-mounted load banks

15KW or 22KW three-phase ground-mounted load banks

to meet Datahall capacity tests during dynamic testing.

Temporary containment

Temporary containment

self-supporting solution, ideal for separating air flows and perfectly guiding the supply of cold air to the front of load banks and the recovery of hot air from the back of load banks in Data Halls.

Software solution

Software solutions

allowing centralized management of several load banks or pre-equipped racks, as well as real-time reading of several electrical and thermal values.

What is data center commissioning?

The essential step for commissioning your data hall

Data center commissioning is essential for any company with an IT room.

In a few words, the purpose of commissioning is to :

Check the conformity of installations

Guaranteeing service continuity

Test key equipment.

In practice, multiple scenarios are used to assess the performance and reliability of corporate IT systems. This phase, which varies in duration and complexity, is crucial to limiting risks and ensuring the smooth operation of your data center.

Eight levels of commissioning exist, offering different levels of testing and verification.

Level 4 and 5 commissioning with TOVO-TEST

TOVO-TEST is an innovative company specialized in level 4 and 5 commissioning for data centers located
throughout Europe and North Africa.

Today TOVO-TEST guarantees Level 4 and Level 5 Commissioning tests

Level 4, or initial performance testing, is used to validate the efficiency of systems under real-life loads, to ensure that they meet specific requirements before they are fully commissioned.

Level 5, or integrated system testing, represents the ultimate stage of commissioning, enabling you to carry out rigorous tests under a wide range of operational conditions, to guarantee optimum performance of your data center, even in the most demanding scenarios.

Our expertise ensures that your IT infrastructures meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Our support in renting load banks

Our team is committed to supporting and advising you throughout the commissioning of your data center,
taking charge of all these stages: 

Pre-defining your needs

An in-depth study is systematically carried out to better understand your needs, expectations and requirements.

Technical and economic solutions

We draw on our expertise and feedback to offer you solutions that are tailored and optimized both technologically and financially.

Delivery and installation

On request, our equipment is delivered and installed with precision and professionalism, according to a mutually validated layout plan and operating procedure. This guarantees optimal operation right from the start of your project.

User training

Once the installation is complete, our team offers a load bank training session to ensure that your commissioning team is fully conversant.

Material handling and storage

On request, once your tests have been completed, we take care of dismantling and reassembling the equipment, to ensure a smooth transition. These tasks are carried out according to a pre-validated procedure, so as to cover all eventualities and guarantee the agreed deadlines.

Dedicated truck charter

We plan transport by dedicated truck, taking into account the various access conditions and the particularities of your site.

Meetings, visits and site supervision

We're with you every step of the way, to ensure that your tests run smoothly.

To maximize the efficiency of your operations and ensure the safe and efficient use of your equipment, contact us today and find out how our training program can be tailored to your needs.

Is your company involved in commissioning?

Would you like to test the performance of your computer room or data center? The experts at TOVO-TEST can help.

Request a quote online and we'll get back to you!

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